Mobility Solutions is a provider of orientation and mobility services for the visually impaired serving both children and adults. We teach individuals to travel safely,  purposefully, and consciously through any environment with the use of the “white cane” and other assistive aids. Whether we’re teaching a  child with a visual impairment  spatial concepts or an adult to grocery shop for their family’s Thanksgiving dinner, Mobility Solutions can help- just let us help…

men smilingMobility Solutions Inc. provides products and product usage training for assistive aids in the catagories below:

Optical Devices ­­designed to help improve visual acuity and complete near and distant activities (magnifiers, telescopes, monoculars, etc.).

Nonoptical Devices designed to affect the use of one’s remaining vision (visual shields, lights, bold lined paper, etc.).

Electronic Devices designed to magnify and or read images and text (video magnifiers “cctv”, screen readers, screen magnification software products).

Electronic Travel Aids designed to provide travel directional assistance via GPS technology.

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